SCOOP Online OP Showcase

Further to our earlier post on the changes to Parliamentary Publishing, there has been additional clarification from TSO on the status of House, Command and Legislation Papers: these are unaffected by the changes and will still be available in hard copy. Also unaffected are materials published before 1 April 2016.

It has also been confirmed that the although PDFs of parliamentary documents will no longer be assigned ISBNs by TSO. Other publishers, such as Dandy, have made the decision to attach their own ISBNs to the PDFs they supply.

With all these changes SCOOP thought that it would be timely and useful for all those dealing with Official Publications to be able to review the various online products available. With this in mind, on Wednesday 11th May  at CILIP HQ we will be holding demonstrations of TSO’s Official Publications Online, Dandy’s Public Information Online, and ProQuest’s Parliamentary Papers website. The session will start at 2pm and is open to anyone interested in online OP provision. If you would like to attend or have any questions, contact me using the form below.

Steven Hartshorne, Information and Enquiry Service Officer, Bolton Library and Museum Services / Secretary of SCOOP


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