This blog is brought to you by the Standing Committee on Official Publications (SCOOP)

The aims of SCOOP

Since 1971 SCOOP has aimed to improve the access to, and availability of, UK official publications; to identify problems in the provision of access to UK official publications, in particular their bibliographic control and distribution; to make proposals for possible solutions to problems in the provision of access to UK official publications… (see website for more info.)

If you are an information professional working in the field of Official Papers or represent an institution with an Official Papers connection and you would like to be involved in the work of SCOOP please contact Andrew Coburn, Chair of SCOOP,  andrew.coburn@essex.gov.uk. (Please see Membership Terms)
See who is already involved:  SCOOP membership organisations.

If you would like to contribute a post, add a link, promote a collection or event please let us know. Email us at officialpapersuk@gmail.com

This blog is managed by:

Hannah Chandler (Official Papers Librarian, Bodleian Libraries, Oxford)
Steven Harthorne (Information and Enquiry Officer, Central Library Bolton and Secretary of SCOOP)
Fiona Laing (Official Papers Librarian, National Library of Scotland)



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