UK Parliament beta search interface

Here is your chance to give the UK Parliament feedback on a new search interface available on a beta test site. More information is available on the Parliamentary Digital Service Blog about the new developments. The beta version will run alongside the original search page for several months eventually replacing it.
At the time of writing this post a single search box is available to enter text.  The search returns cannot be ordered in any way and you are not given any other options to filter the number of searches returned. The site will continue to make improvements over the next few months, I am sure the UK Parliament team would find feedback valuable.

Hannah Chandler, Bodleian Libraries


Hansard Corpus British Parliament 1803-2005

Using data supplied by the Millbank Systems Hansard database the Hansard corpus was launched on 5th November as British Parliament (Hansard). A free resource, British Parliament (Hansard) was created as part of the SAMUELS (Semantic Annotation and Mark-up for Enhancing Lexical Searches) project by researchers at the University of Glasgow. 

The database allows the user to do very sophisticated word searches, for example:

  • A user can look at how the use of a word decreases, increases in use over time or how words spike in frequency of use.
  • The changing meaning of words and the context words are used in over a given period of time.
  • How individual MPs use language, both in phrases used over a given period of time and what words are commonly used by an MP.

The user will need to cross reference with the Millbank Systems Hansard database if citation information is needed.


Hannah Chandler, Official Paper Librarian, Bodleian Libraries